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New tools to support entrepreneurship through competitive regional organisations


The FIERE Project was set up to develop and enhance entrepreneurial and innovative skills in regional and local organisations – public and voluntary.

It is not intended as an entrepreneurship education for start-ups as such, but rather as a training programme for managers and staff to help them be more innovative in their activities – profit making or not.

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Key Objectives

To enhance regional public and voluntary organisations with innovative entrepreneurship skills that can facilitate bottom-up regional development and tie-in with top-down regional development policies.

To enhance innovative entrepreneurship skill sets within the region’s formal and informal institutional infrastructure which in turn will hopefully have a significant beneficial multiplier effect within the region.

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Main Target Groups

  • Regional policy planners
  • Community & voluntary bodies
  • Business networks
  • Higher education institutions
  • Private training providers
  • Public & state organisations at local/regional level

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Main Target Groups

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